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17:54  Watch Heartwarming Moment Two Men Rescue Stranded Dog in Cyclone-Hit Indian State  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
17:53  One country, two sentiments: black and white simplification of Hong Kong-mainland relation  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
17:34  South Korea reports 25 new virus cases as small outbreaks continue  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
17:33  The US doctors taking Trump’s lead on hydroxychloroquine – despite mixed results  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
17:33  Sweden ‘wrong’ not to shut down, says former state epidemiologist  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
17:33  Kim Jong-un calls for stronger NUCLEAR WAR DETERRENT, vows to put strategic forces on HIGH  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
8:13  Joe Biden wins Hawaii presidential primary delayed by virus  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
8:03  Eden-Monaro byelection: Fiona Kotvojs wins Liberal party preselection  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
8:03  Iranian fuel tankers approach Venezuelan waters despite US warning  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
7:33  Government to spend £283m to keep bus and train passengers safe  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
7:33  Joe Biden wins Hawaii presidential primary delayed by COVID-19  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
3:03  Europe’s Covid predicament – how do you solve a problem like the anti-vaxxers?  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
3:03  Barton Gellman: ‘The Assange precedent is dangerous’  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
3:03  Losing African-American Base? Biden Castigated Over Divisive Comments About Black Communit  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
3:03  Study: Social Isolation Increases Risk of Heart Attacks, Strokes, Death  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
3:03  US Keeps Pressuring Russia Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Says  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
3:03  Pakistan Expects to Wrap Up Probe of Karachi Plane Crash in 3 Months, Aviation Minister Sa  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
2:23  Sweden’s Covid-19 policy is a model for the right. It’s also a deadly folly | Nick Cohen  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
2:23  Coronavirus latest: London rolls out one-hour virus test; Trump tees off for first time si  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
2:13  No Passport, No Visa: Study Indicates Coronavirus Immunity Lasts Just Six Months  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
2:13  Trump heads to golf course, says will attend space launch  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
1:53  Over 2 million infected with Covid-19 in Europe – AFP tally  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
1:53  Hana Kimura, pro wrestler and ‘Terrace House’ cast member dies at 22  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
1:33  Missouri hair stylist may have exposed 91 people to Covid-19, officials say  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
1:33  COVID-19: Bolsonaro is Losing Ground & Becoming Isolated in Brazil’s Political Arena,   後で読む LEVER ON!!  
1:23  Pakistan govt forms investigation team to probe PIA plane crash  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
1:03  Trump to attend Florida launch of SpaceX flight: White House  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
1:03  Trump tees up controversy as he heads to Virginia golf course  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
0:44  PM Johnson Gives Cummings His Full Support, Shapps Says  後で読む LEVER ON!!  
0:44  China plans to start using coronavirus vaccine by end of year even if trials have not been  後で読む LEVER ON!!  

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